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When looping through an array in JavaScript, it may be useful sometimes to get the index of every item in the array.

javascript forEach index

This is possible with .forEach method, let's take an example to illustrate it:

const apps = ["Calculator", "Messaging", "Clock"];

apps.forEach((app, index) => {
console.log(app, index);

The output of this code is:

"Calculator" 0

"Messaging" 1

"Clock" 2

Notice how the index starts at 0 and goes all the way until the array's length - 1 (apps.length - 1 which is 2 here).

Not sure how the forEach method works? Checkout JavaScript forEach for a full guide.

Real life scenario permalink

Why would the index be useful? Here's a real life scenario:

Let's say you have a list of options and would like to tag them with Option 1, Option 2, etc.

const options = ["Milk", "Cheese", "Water"];

let html = "<div>";
options.forEach((option, index) => {
html += `<p>Select option ${index + 1}: ${option}</p>`;
html += `</div>`;

The result of the above code is:

<p>Select option 1: Milk</p>
<p>Select option 2: Cheese</p>
<p>Select option 3: Water</p>

Notice how we added + 1 to the index because the index is zero based (starts at zero).

Early exit permalink

Another use case of using the index is when you want to stop the forEach once it reaches a certain index.

Note that you can't really stop the forEach but you can make it skip the body of the function. Here's an example:

const chars = ["A", "B", "C", "D", "E", "F"];

chars.forEach((char, index) => {
if (index >= 3){

The output of the above code is:




Notice how the body of the forEach is being skipped based on the index, with the condition index >= 3

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