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As of ES6 (ES2015), there's a new and easy way to check of an item exists in an array, also known as in array.

This is now possible by using the Array.includes() method which returns a boolean.

Here's a basic example:

const names = ["Alex", "Sam", "Blane"];

names.includes("Alex"); //true
names.includes("Red"); //false

Notice how we call .includes on the array names and how it returns either true or false.

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This is useful to check if an item exists in an array, however a more important use case is refactoring some if conditions. For example, assuming we want to check a variable status, instead of writing this long if condition:

if (status === "en_route" || status === "pending" || status === "on_hold"){
// do something

You can refactor it to a much more readable condition using the javascript in array method you learned above:

const statuses = ["en_route", "pending", "on_hold"];

if (statuses.includes(status)){
// do something

Notice how we define the allowed statuses in an array, and then call statuses.includes(status), which will return either true or false.

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